Video VIP Day

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What you get:

✅ You and I meet for 90 minutes, discussing your video/Youtube strategy and how it fits into your business.

We'll talk about what type of videos to create for your audience, answer technical/filming questions, SEO, and review your existing messaging (Website, Youtube and/or other social channels).

✅ We take a 1-hour break, for you to recharge while I draft up the initial video action plan.

✅ We meet back up for 90 minutes and come up with specific next steps for your business. We plan out your next 3-6 months of video content and how to promote your videos online.

✅ I'll deliver the final video action plan, along with our call recordings for you to rewatch anytime, within 7 business days.

✅ A few weeks later, we meet back up for a 1-hour follow-up call, discussing your progress and any lingering questions that have come up for you.

✅ You'll have email support in between our calls, as you're working through your video plan!

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